1. I dunno.

    I dunno.

  2. …as a combination of senses, touch and smell, taste digs deeper into our emotional reservoirs than our other senses do alone. We kiss with our tongues for a reason.
    Sam Kean, in The Disappearing Spoon
  3. FAA Instructions for flying over war zones:

    Don’t fly over war zones.

  4. No way, man. Screw Heather.

    No way, man. Screw Heather.

  5. ☛ Vibrating Mike’s Backup Plan | 52 Yarns

    The first of my 52 short stories is online!

  6. Ugh. Surgery again.

    I just found out that in a couple of months at most, I’m probably looking at another cervical spine surgery. This time, an anterior three-level fusion, meaning they’ll go in through the front of my neck and use bone from my thigh to fuse three vertabrae together.

    After that, I’ll move like the Burton-era Batman.

  7. I dunno.

    I dunno.

  8. Do you like Doctor Who?


    You’re on Tumblr, of course you like Doctor Who!

    I’ve just started a new blog called Cow Trod, Ho! where I will trying to watch and review every Doctor Who story, but in a completely random order.

    Check it out, and share your own Whovian thoughts as well

  9. Wednesday!


  10. I’m still laughing.

    I’m still laughing.

  11. Aww yeah fightin’ for the user

    Aww yeah fightin’ for the user

  12. RIP, James Garner.

    I will watch The Great Escape tonight in your honor.

  13. ☛ The Trove by Steve Whitaker

    I’ve been writing and delivering a weekly post - not too long, not too short - filled with my favorite finds from the last week. It’s free, and I’d love to share it with you. Sign up here.

  14. I dunno.

    I dunno.

  15. My son, the Creeper.

    My son, the Creeper.