1. Leaked script section from the upcoming “Star Trek: The Next Generation” reunion episode


    CAPTAIN PICARD, in his SPACE WHEELCHAIR, rolls out of the turbolift onto the bridge. A RED ALERT KLAXON is sounding.

    PICARD Status report, um, Ensign…

    RIKER wheels his SPACE WHEELCHAIR alongside Picard.

    RIKER (quietly) That’s Ensign Griffin, sir.

    PICARD …Ensign Griffith.

    GRIFFIN Sir! Romulan Bird-of-Prey decloaking off the starboard bow!

    Picard looks to his left. Riker quickly points the other way. Picard turns again.

    PICARD Red alert, Griffers!

    GRIFFIN Um, sir, we’re already on

    [Suicide note from the scriptwriter was found here. Script abruptly ends]