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    Oh, Yowza!
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    I can’t believe that you totally ignored my suggestion of YOWZA. Yowza The Schnauzer? Tell me that’s not the best name...
  4. thricepipes said: If you named her M. C. Ren, she will already be trained as a prosecuting attorney. I’ve found house breaking attorneys is usually easier than house breaking puppies. Usually…
  5. brevetcaptain said: Frau Blücher!
  6. smartasshat said: How about Madeline Kahn? Imagine calling her to you: “KAAAAAHHHNNNN!!!”
  7. halfbakedidea said: I like Lemmy. Lemmy is god.
  8. talesofaniceberg said: My friend’s dog is named Lemmy!
  9. jeeneebee said: I was going to suggest Vicky Christina Barcelona, but thought it would be too long. Barca is good. (but then again, so is Ren!! :)
  10. whltexbread said: Lilli Von Shtup!!!
  11. steelopus said: DiPietro
  12. scholvin said: LARS!
  13. irregardlessly said: I think you should go with “the admiral.”
  14. mathcat345 said: What name will complement Lily? They should sound good together when spoken in tandem.