1. More Return of the Jedi (1983)

    Luke: …and then he just died.

    Leia: Bullshit.

    Luke: What?!

    Leia: Well, I mean, you said the Emperor zapped you with finger electricity for, like, five minutes?

    Luke: Yes. It was agonizing.

    Leia: But you seem fine. Not only that, but you carried Darth Vader all the way to the shuttle bay?

    Luke: Where I took his mask off, and he…

    Leia: Yeah, yeah. So you got five minutes of shock treatment, hopped right up, and carried 300 pounds of him and his heavy-ass outfit?

    Luke: …

    Leia: But Vader - WEARING FULL BODY ARMOR - gets zapped for no more than - what? - five seconds? And it kills him?

    Han: Yeah. I hadn’t thought about that.

    Luke: Well, I had cut off his hand.

    Han: But everybody gets his hand cut off. All the time. That alien in the cantina. Mace Windu. Count Dooku. General Grievous. The Wampa. You. Your father. Actually, a couple of times for him.

    Leia: This is just bad writing.

    Ewok: Jubjub!